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Why County Offices should choose Facility Adviser

Facility Adviser gives California County Offices of Education the ability to collect and report their William's schools' FIT inspection results quickly and efficiently.

Collect inspection data from any WIFI enabled device.

Generate your FIT report with an easy-to-use, web-based solution,

At-a-glance confirmation of room inspections.

Keep your teams informed and on task with clear, concise information.

Identify and clearly communicate problem areas.

Our FIT solution includes the Deficiency View, a powerful, real-time interactive spreadsheet. The Deficiency View evaluates and displays only items in need of repair, saving your facility teams countless hours.

The Multi Year Comparison Report allows you to view and share FIT scores from every school in one report.  Furthermore, you can display up to four years at once revealing critical trends and progress at a glance. 


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Matt Juchniewicz

“Thanks to the Facility Adviser FIT solution I can hand my team an iPad and I can keep working on my $8,000,000 project.”
- Matt Juchniewicz, Yolo County Office of Education

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