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We strive to equip facility administrators with an automated process for evaluating the condition of school facilities and all public school districts and county offices of education in California.

Built using the Official California Guidebook

We designed and built our FIT solution to do more than reflect the good repair standards and guidelines of the CASH guidebook and Facility Inspection Tool. Our aim is to maximize the value of the time you've invested in collecting FIT data.

Easy, Efficient Inspections

Collect data from any wifi-enabled device. Save time and avoid duplicating your efforts with features that track which rooms have already been inspected. Ensure your team is on the same page with pre-defined deficiency comments and FIT tips drawn directly from the CASH guidebook.

Powerful Reporting

Pre-formatted export options allow you to easily produce digital documents for the completion of the school facility section of the SARCs for all of your district's schools. Beyond that, Facility Adviser's custom reporting tools allow you get maximum value from the time your team has invested. Easily inform stakeholders of current conditions and progress on your district goals for quality facilities.

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