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Facility Adviser developed our Facility Assessment System in support of all educational organizations, allowing data to be collected and reported for any space, area, standard or objective, and evaluate the condition of school facilities.

Freedom and Flexibility

The Facility Assessment System gives you the tools you need to create custom Facility walk-thrus and inspections aligned with any standard, initiative, or compliance issue you choose.

  • Utilize the system to support your entire district or concentrate your efforts on individual locations.
  • Filter and sort any point of data to ensure an efficient work order process, ensuring you're doing the right work at the right time.

High Stakes Inspections

The stakes have never been higher for ensuring educational spaces are safe, well maintained, and secure. Our Facility Assessment System equips you to meet the ever changing expectations of your stakeholders and communities.

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Dynamic, Relevant Information

Realize a meaningful return on investment through the use of Facility Adviser's interactive Conditions View and dynamic reporting. Filter, select, and organize information to support the outcomes and systems you have in place. The Facility Assessment System supports timely work-orders, evidence of oversight, and protection against compliance accusations.

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