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Facility Adviser partners with your team to simplify the work of inspecting, maintaining, and improving educational facilities through an automated process. 

Facility Adviser understands the unique challenges and responsibilities that facility management teams face in education. Experience the FA difference!


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  • Initial Consultation: Team interactions to analyze and determine documentation needed to identify facility locations and descriptions for preliminary build. 
  • Plan: Identify how and where Facility Adviser can help your organization execute the work at hand and craft a plan for implementation.
  • Value Based Agreement: Ensure both parties are clear on all costs,  requirements, and services included in the final agreement. 
  • Ongoing Collaboration: This level of personal care doesn't end once you've been set up with the system. Everything we do will benefit from an ongoing dialog between our team and yours.


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Build: Facility Adviser Support Specialists will gather and place all relevant information into your system on your behalf. Facility Adviser tools will be configured around your facilities to ensure you are set up for success. 

  • Building the district profile
  • Adding all schools and their profiles
  • Adding all buildings
  • Adding all rooms and room types
  • Creating staff user account details

Launch: Review your custom facility system, make any additional modifications as needed in order to finalize and approve your new solution.

Schedule initial training on the system for onsite, hands-on mock inspections and team calibration.  


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Standard Support

Provided to every customer, our intention is to ensure you have the resources you need to succeed. System-related issues are always escalated directly to technical support for resolution, no matter your support level.

  • Included with purchase price
  • Email and Phone based support requests
  • Access to tutorials and videos
  • Most requests handled within 48 hours
  • Account and Password recovery
  • Resources provided to help you manage your account internally

Premium Support

Our white glove Premium Support service allows you to stay focused on the work at hand while we take care of the details within the system. Premium Support requests are treated with elevated priority, moving you to the front of the line.  While most support requests are executed within a 48 hour window, Premium Support requests solutions are typically delivered the same day depending on the requested service.

  • Paid for service
  • On-demand data management, including help with a date or other changes on an existing Inspection
  • Assistance with any custom pre-defined comment placement
  • Assistance with any goal deactivations or deletions
  • User account creation
  • User account deactivation
  • User account edits, moving staff from site to site
  • System-wide report generation
  • Batch submitting saved Inspections
  • Department management
  • Inspection content management
  • Building and room management
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Maximize Your Investment

Facility Adviser maintains an ongoing connection with your team, helping you support and reinforce proper and efficient execution across the district.


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Facility Adviser delivers development sessions designed around your needs.  These sessions take place on site, or virtually.  Training sessions help integrate the Facility Adviser solution into your already established processes. 

  • Create an improved overall understanding of the importance of tracking and reporting the condition of your facilities
  • Getting your team all on the same page, looking through the same lens
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Facility Inspection Tool
  • Hands on experience using Facility Adviser on site
  • Develop an understanding of how data can help drive dollars by exposing facility needs

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