Support your facilities by providing district leadership, and stakeholders evidence of your good work and areas in need of repair. The Facility Adviser reporting can help you speak on behalf of your buildings and rooms.
year over year

FIT Deficiency View:  Our one of a kind, interactive spreadsheet allows you to view, and manage all deficiencies in one, dynamic report.  This report can be sorted by inspection type and exports to excel to support your work order system.

FIT Multi Year Comparison Report:  This report shows FIT scores by school for up to four years in one view.  This report can represent the entire district, a single school or multiple schools.  Allows you to report on specific contexts, such as focusing on your Williams' schools.  Designed with input from industry leaders and CASH.  Helps support the LCAP.

Facility Goal Report:  Reporting over time allows you to evaluate trends and identify "hot spots" across the district or by school.  Disinfecting checklist data can show your community the work you are doing to keep students safe.

Frequency Report: Discover and recognize your most efficient inspectors and find those in need of additional training and development. Support your scheduling and planning efforts by determining where each team member is in their workflow and how long inspections are taking.

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