Our Vision for Education

A partnership with Facility Adviser is designed to be on-going, reflective, and adaptable to the needs, initiatives and defined goals of a school or district. We provide a comprehensive range of products along with a clear purpose to create an innovative learning environment around student, teacher, and school collaboration.

Why Facility Adviser?

Facility Adviser offers software and services aimed at helping county and district administrators accurately assess the complete facilities' picture while reducing the workload needed to gather and report on an ever-growing pool of data. The software is the platform for performing various inspections which may include FIT/Williams, custodial, safety, playgrounds, etc. After the inspections are complete, reports can be generated for users to review the results of a single inspection or view trends by school and/or district over time. Finally, the data can be used in real-time to support the work order and facility maintenance process.

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Software Solutions

Facility Adviser offers a steadily growing catalog of software tools designed for today’s facility directors, managers, and users. These components can be brought online individually as desired, or together within a unified web-application, allowing administrators to support their Professional Development, Facilities Management, and Stakeholder Engagement efforts from a single platform.

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Professional Development and Onboarding

FIT Inspection Building & Classroom Build-Out

A Support Specialist will import the district and school buildings and all rooms to be inspected during the FIT process. This information can be obtained from your most current FIT school facility conditions evaluations, or by completing a simple spreadsheet provided by the Support Specialist. We can also get this information from an export of your Work Order system, or comprehensive site maps.

Professional Development: On-site or Web-Based

A Facility Adviser representative will travel to the meeting place of your choice and host a full day Professional Development (PD) session.
Customized PD experience, covering the entire FIT process.
Professional Development topics will include the basic functionality of the system, the inspection process, collecting the data, and calibration. These sessions will also include the deficiency view, and alignment to the work order process and generating FIT reports.
On-site FIT inspections to help get everyone on the same page.

Customer Support

Basic Support

Basic Support includes email and phone requests along with user guides and tutorial videos. The support representative assigned to your district/school will reply immediately for system issues and customer-specific requests. System issues will be escalated to technical support for resolution. Customer requests will be resolved as soon as possible in the order submitted by customers. A typical resolution is within 48 hours.

Premium Support

With Premium Support, Facility Adviser will provide its top-level support to all district-level users.  This includes:

      • On-demand data management, including help with a date or other changes on an existing Walk-Thru
      • Assistance with any custom pre-defined comment placement
      • Assistance with any goal in-activations or deletions
      • User account creation
      • User account in-activation
      • User account edits, moving staff from site to site
      • System-wide report generation
      • Batch Submitting Saved Inspections
      • Department management
      • Inspection content management
      • Building and Room management

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